Shall we begin?: A therapist’s introduction

Updated: Aug 4

It's quite interesting being on the other side of these blogs. Typically, like you, I'll be the one reading them and sifting through them without much thought on who's behind these posts. Equally, when I take a second to want to know more about the author - there's not much there to let me know more about the person and not the "professional".

So let's change that, shall we?

Hi, I'm Jason. Professionally, I'm a Registered Psychotherapist and a Registered Marriage & Family Therapist. This means, that I'm a mental health clinician and I specialize in all things relationships (spoiler alert: everything is part of a larger relationship).

I could go on some more about myself as a clinician, share with you some credentials and really let you know that "look, I know what I'm talking about", but I won't. The reason being is that it just doesn't really fit well with me, because I'm so much more than the letters behind my name, the courses I've taken, and the training I have done (and continue to do).

Yes, I'm a therapist - and there is so much more about me that intersects. I'm someone who has struggled with their weight their entire life and has just recently gone through a 100 pound weight loss. I'm also a first generation Canadian. I'm someone who has experienced (and continues to experience) systemic oppression and marginalization. I'm multilingual in that I am fluent in English, French and Spanish. I have been brought up in the midst of three separate cultural contexts (english Canada, francophone, hispanic). I'm a queer identified, cisgendered male, and my pronouns are he/him. I'm a "white passing" person of colour who is not unaware of the racial privileges that "passing" brings.

I share this with you for two reasons: the first, is that this is an introduction to who I am - it's good to get a sense of who "the professional" truly is. The second, it is these very pieces of myself that I bring into my office and into the work that I do with every client. Working from a collaborative systemic and relational stance allows me to be aware of myself, while also being aware of you - all of you.

I'm never going to assume expertise over your life, your problems, let alone your experiences - because, those are your experiences that have informed you up until now. I will instead, remain radically curious about you and the reasons that have brought you to sit across from me (virtually or in person), while also placing things in context.

What I'm trying to do here, with this blog, is to really continue to showcase myself authentically. For me, that means making sure you know that both you and I - we're on the same plane. We're equals. There's no ego here. Personally and professionally, that's exactly who I am. Someone who is open, honest, caring, and genuinely sees the value in people (during good times and bad).

Moving forward, I'd like to continue to share with you some thoughts, insights, and themes that come up in my work with clients - while also finding ways to share resources with you directly. That is my intention here with this blog, while always keeping it real...keeping it human - because that's what we all are.

If you want to know more about the work that I do, or if you're ready to get things started, you can always contact me here to set up an appointment or a free consultation. The secret to getting ahead, is getting started. If you are ready to start, let's begin.

We are here to help when you're ready


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